Approved Person: Your role & responsibilities

Approved persons have to know and meet our regulatory requirements, as well as understand how to apply them. In short, an approved person needs to: Meet and abide by the rules of the FCA’s fit and proper test Comply with the FCA’s Statements of Principle and the Code of Practice Report anything that could affect their […]

FCA Approved Persons

FCA Approved Persons An approved person is an individual who has been approved by the FCA to perform one or more controlled functions on behalf of an authorised firm. To become an approved person, a candidate must first apply to the FCA. Approval must be obtained before a person can perform a controlled function. What is the […]

Making consumers aware of your complaints procedures

Financial Conduct Authority & Financial Ombudsman Service Update: Making consumers aware of your complaints procedures The FCA, in conjunction with the FOS, has recently updated the Consumer Awareness Rules relating to complaints handling.  Specifically, you now need to post details about your complaints-handling procedure on your website.  We recommend that you include a link to the […]

New rules on credit broking & financial promotions

In January, the FCA published new rules on credit broking and financial promotions, this was in response to consumers’ confusion about the status of credit brokers. As a result all credit brokers now need to include their legal name (as it appears in the FCA Register) on all advertising and correspondence with customers. Advertising and […]


CCS ‘CHOICES OF FUNDING’ – CAN YOU AFFORD TO BE WITHOUT IT…? Six months ago we announced our unique ‘Choices of Funding’ approach to help retailers present all available repayment options to customers equally and compliantly. Numerous retailers have now introduced the new process, and they’ve found it’s had an unexpected but very welcome benefit […]

FCA Guidelines on Advertising updated

The FCA has revised its guidelines on Consumer Credit Advertising Regulations. The guide, known as CONC3, was republished this month and is available on the FCA’s website In addition, CCS has also received updates on advertising compliance from lenders.  As a result we have updated our own CCS Advertising Guide. If you have an old […]

Consumer Credit Promotions: Representative APR vs Representative Example

The following information is for guidance only, it’s not legal advice. We strongly recommend that you read the Consumer Credit Advertising Regulations and speak to your local Trading Standards Office or consult with a qualified legal adviser before publishing a promotion. Consumer Credit Promotions Promoting credit is guaranteed to bring people into showrooms or generate […]

Looking for some practical assistance with your FCA Authorisation application?

What assistance with your FCA Authorisation is available? Direct from the FCA The FCA have published a number of guides to help with completing your online application.  From this webpage you can find links to guidance notes and sample forms You can also telephone the FCA with your queries too, all contact information can be found […]

How to ensure your credit promotions are compliant…

What is a ‘promotion’? The term promotion covers a wide range of marketing and advertising. It includes websites, sales brochures, adverts in a magazines or newspapers, direct mail flyers – basically, it is anything seen, heard or read by customers that’s designed to influence or encourage them to reach a purchasing decision. You can’t rely […]

Mis-selling! Don’t be caught out by your advertising

There’s been a number of stories in the recent news about Green Deal providers and renewable energy companies that have fallen foul of advertising regulations. Mostly it’s because their claims for energy efficiency or financial savings haven’t been clear. Mis-selling can range from deliberately misleading advertising messages through to negligence and missing out key information […]