Offering Finance via Telephone

Remote mail order finance

Offer finance via phone or email & make repayments easier for customers

Not all businesses want to integrate their websites with a lender’s system, but they still want to offer finance via phone or email to customers.  The good news is that it’s possible to process credit orders for your products over the telephone or email, without ever meeting customers face-to-face.  Offering finance remotely is quick and simple for your salespeople to do, and customers receive copies of all their paperwork by email.

Offering finance via this method is often referred to as remote mail order finance.

How it works: Remote Mail Order Finance

Customers choose the products they require, usually via your website, and submit for processing. Your salesperson contacts the customer and completes their application over the phone – it takes about 5 minutes. If you prefer, you can simply email the customer a link to the lender’s online system and they can complete the application themselves.

Once the lender accepts the customer’s application, the customer is emailed a copy of their credit agreement, which they will need to eSign to show they accept the terms and agree to the finance. You will receive payment within 48 hours of delivery or installation.