Many firms don’t fully understand their obligations under the Companies Act and are potentially risking a fine.  But the amendments businesses need to make to websites are simple and should only take just a few minutes…


Registered UK companies must include certain regulatory information on their websites and within email footers.  This has been a legal requirement since January 2007, and failure to comply breaches the Companies Act and risks receiving a fine.

What needs to go on your website?

Every company should list the following on its website:

This is an easy thing for your web developer to do – and it’s not worth risking a fine over something so simple.  It’s important to ensure that the information is legible.  It must be absolutely clear to your customers who they are doing business with.

Using a trading style is fine, but also place the legal company name on your website too.  We suggest placing the information within your website’s footer, that way it will appear on every web page.

Company information should also appear on email footers, order forms, ‘business letters’ and other electronic documents.