The UK floor and wall tiles market experienced a growth rate of 8% between 2014 and 2017, and is expected to grow by a further 7% up to 2021 (AMA Research).

AMA reports that the ‘improve not move’ trend is a positive influence on the market, however the continuing trend for splash-backs, upstands and painted walls in kitchens is limiting growth for wall tiles.

European tile imports dominate the market with a penetration rate of around 70% last year, putting UK manufacturers under pressure.  This pressure is expected to continue under the Brexit process.

AMA research executive Jane Tarver commented: “International trade is a key element of the market given the low number of UK based volume manufacturers but high levels of demand.

“Sterling exchange rates are therefore likely to continue to have an impact on pricing into the medium-term as imports become more expensive. However, the ‘openness’ of the UK market to tile imports is unlikely to be reversed into the longer-term given the limited UK manufacturing base.”

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Source: KBB Daily