Showrooms continue to play a vital role in the decision making process, research reveals

A recent survey* has found that 71% of customers would visit more than one showroom before making any final purchase decision. The research also highlighted interesting differences between buying age groups.

Only one third of the ‘digital generation’ (aged 18 to 34) felt that having friendly and well-informed staff was an important factor when visiting a showroom, compared to 70% of Generation X (those aged 35 and over)

The younger demographic also ranked having plenty of choice on show much lower than the older generation (28% compared with 45%), and also considered being able to touch and use the products in the showroom as less important (31% vs 44%).
Overall, the ‘digital’ generation rated their showroom experiences 5.2 out of 10, substantially lower than the 6.5 rating from Generation.

However, all demographic groups valued the showroom experience, with only 8% of those questioned having the preconception that they were outdated.


Top Ten Qualities That Make the Ideal Showroom

1. Friendly and well-informed staff
2. Being able to touch and work/use the products
3. Functional, working products on display
4. Easy access and good parking
5. Being left to look around by yourself
6. Good lighting
7. Good value products
8. Good quality brochures I can take away with me
9. One-to-one attention
10. Seeing products in a lifestyle setting, so I can visualise them in my home


Top Ten Reasons Visitors Would Be Put Off a Showroom

1. Being badgered by staff and not given enough time to think
2. Untrustworthy sales staff
3. Staff using too much sales jargon
4. Rude staff
5. Uninformed staff
6. The products being too expensive
7. Being made to feel like the secondary decision maker
8. Not being listened to by staff
9. Not having many options
10. Being ignored by staff


Promoting finance within your showrooms

We can provide you with a variety of promotional materials (branded with your lender’s details) that you can use and display within your showrooms. Please contact head office on 0845 120 6666 if you would like to request some.


*The research was conducted by OnePoll, on behalf of Origin, and surveyed 1,000 UK showroom visitors.