Consumer Credit Solutions (CCS), the leading credit broker to the home improvement market, has launched a new service to help installers sell finance. CCS pioneered the introduction of soft-sell finance (low/no interest credit) to the home improvement market several years ago. Its new Central Funding Unit is designed to help retail installers sell more ‘big ticket’ items – such as windows, conservatories, kitchens, bathrooms and solar panels – more easily.

Based on a well-established concept in most new car showrooms, CCS finance specialist David Grant acts on behalf of clients, speaking directly to their homeowner customers and explaining the benefits of different finance packages such as “Buy Now, Pay Later”, interest free credit, Bank Buster and Mortgage Buster (unsecured loans of 5 to 10 years).

“Homeowners are familiar with these finance products, often used to great success by high-street retailers such as DFS and Curry’s,” comments CCS Managing Partner Andy Wallace, “but many installers don’t feel confident either selling credit or completing credit paperwork. Our Central Funding Unit was set up in response to overwhelming demand from customers who wanted sales support from a finance expert. We not only help installers make the sale but also handle all the paperwork and liaise closely with major blue-chip lenders to secure credit approval within a few hours.”

Designed especially for retailers and installers who have little or no previous experience offering finance schemes, the CCS Central Funding Unit service works best with orders of around £8,000 plus, and is completely free of charge to CCS installers.

David Grant – a former branch manager for First National Bank – adds: “Very often, being able to offer attractive finance options is the difference between making and losing a sale, especially with big ticket items where it makes sense to either spread repayments over a longer period to make it affordable or offer a deferred repayments using Buy Now Pay Later plans to overcome customer timing issues. The Central Funding Unit makes it easier for installers to sell and works especially well with higher-cost items.”

Demand for soft-sell finance is expected to increase during the recession. To find out more contact Andy Wallace on 0845 120 6666