Two new recruits are settling in at point-of-sale finance provider Consumer Credit Solutions (CCS) as the team expands to cope with record-breaking demand. Dave Jones has joined the company, which specialises in the home improvements sector, as Business Development Manager (BDM) for the North West. Dave brings a lot to the role, with experience on both sides of the credit industry, having worked in consumer finance for a major lender and also been involved in underwriting and credit score cards.

Working at CCS is, as Dave puts it: “Really enjoyable. I get involved with the sales people throughout the process, from initial contact to on-going training and support. This is a fast moving industry – there’s always something new in the pipeline – and I’m relishing the chance to get ‘hands on’ at every stage of the deal. The home improvement finance market is changing rapidly, with better rates for consumers who are also more savvy. It’s good to be part of a company that is at the forefront of these changes, offering great packages and support for the benefit of our clients and their customers.”

David and the other Business Development Managers will be supported by the second new recruit Liz Thewlis, who recently joined CCS as a Sales Support Manager. Liz comes from an investment banking background so she is appreciating the smaller, friendlier environment at CCS. “I’m looking forward to becoming part of the team,” says Liz. “I’ll be providing admin support and management information to all the BDMs, as well as sales support to CCS clients. Coming from a corporate background I’m finding it a welcome change to get involved with people at a personal level.”