Business is booming for Jones Window Systems, the St Helens based fabricator and installer of windows, doors and conservatories – with a little help from Consumer Credit Solutions (CCS). Expected turnover for 2012 will be almost double last year’s, with a large proportion coming from recommendations and repeat business

Frank Jones, Chairman, believes selling with point of sale credit finance from CCS has contributed to the growth. “Selling finance has a massive impact on our business. It seems that people are improving their property rather than moving, and they are looking for additional living space. Customers are also interested in saving money by installing energy efficient doors and windows, and the fact that our sales people can offer them a range of credit finance means they can buy what they want when they want it.

“Between 40 and 50% of our business is on credit – we offer this as it definitely helps us make a sale; the customer does not need to go to the bank and we can often give our customers a better deal.  It keeps the whole sale ‘in house’. Even our customers who have the cash to pay will take advantage of CCS credit finance so they can hold on to their savings for a rainy day. We offer all the packages CCS provides, but the most popular is ‘Buy now Pay Later’.  This gives customers the most flexibility – they can pay the whole loan off after 12 months or continue to pay at a reasonable rate of interest.”