Consumer Credit Solutions (CCS) will be presenting at the KBB Review Kitchen Conference on September 12th.  Consumer Credit Solutions, which specialises in home improvements credit, will illustrate how offering “soft sell” finance can help kitchen retailers win more sales, increase order values and bring forward purchases. A recent survey commissioned by CCS shows 56% of homeowners who are currently planning major home improvement projects say that being able to take out an interest-free loan would make them more likely to go ahead with the purchase.

CCS Head of Client Training, Will Evans, comments: “At a time when borrowing from traditional sources such as banks and building societies is difficult, many well-known kitchen companies are reporting increased sales which they attribute to offering finance.”

The presentation also demonstrates how credit finance can help customers achieve exactly what they want. Most businesses will have experienced this situation: the homeowner has a dream kitchen in mind but comes rapidly down to earth when the costs are calculated. Offering no hassle, simple to arrange finance means the consumer can realise the dream after all.

CCS explains how finance helps maximise each and every sales opportunity. Another advantage for retailers is the extra peace of mind for their customers as all products come with ultimate deposit and guarantee protection. Whether it’s a timing issue – the car loan not quite paid off, or the ISA not matured – financing the whole amount or simply topping up the savings pot, offering finance means your customers can buy what they want, when they want it.