A quick guide to the FCA’s online application process by Business Development Manager David Grant

The following notes have been put together to assist with submitting your application for full authorisation.

1) Getting started

To get started click on http://www.fca.org.uk/firms/firm-types/consumer-credit/authorisation.  Then scroll down the page to Step 4 & Apply for “New User Registration”.

Click the “Apply Now” button.  If it’s the first time you’ve used the website then click the “Register to authorise a new firm” link. A window will open for you to register your details.

Once the form is submitted, the FCA will send you an email. On receipt of the email, click the link and create a password.

You can then log in and start your application. You will be asked a series of simple questions including whether you want to apply for Full Authorisation or Limited Permission.

In short, full authorisation is required for businesses that sell “off trade” in the customer’s home while limited permission is required by businesses that sell “on trade” from showrooms or offices (in other words, price is not agreed or finance is NEVER discussed in the customer’s home).

If you have any doubts then please refer to your CCS BDM for guidance on whether Full or Limited is required. If you apply for the wrong permission then it will delay the approval process.

2) Completing the application

If you’re applying for full authorisation then you will need to collate and submit the following information.

Application Contact & Firm Details:

Permission & Fees:

Consumer Credit Supplement:

Our initial disclosure document includes the following statements – We act as a credit broker and offer products from one/more than one lender. We offer their products to help you make your purchase.  We are not paid any commission by the lenders.  The Choices of Funding Form includes an explanation of the finance options available, so customers can make an informed decision. We do not provide advice in this regard.  A sample form is attached in the supporting documents section.

It is a good idea for you to pre-empt your Accountant so these can be prepared & not last minute.

Disclosure of significant events:

Systems & Controls:



Owners & Influencers            :

Supporting Documents:

Firm Declaration:

Add Related Application:


 If you need any assistance with your FCA application then please contact your Business Development Manager.