Bathrooms and FinanceLeading style blog Houzz has conducted a survey of UK homeowners who have completed a bathroom renovation project within the last 12 months.  The published findings provide a useful insight into the motivations behind the improvements and current trends in bathroom interiors.

Over 90% of homeowners said the key reason behind their renovations was to change the style of their bathroom.  The average spend was £5600, with those aged 35-54 spending the most with an average of £6100.

Top functional priorities for new bathrooms were cited as: being easy to clean; to be relaxing; and to have storage.  Many bathroom renovations involved major upgrades, with 74% of respondents looking to increase room size.

Some of the top tech choices for new bathrooms included: self-cleaning toilets, bathtubs with built-in lighting and heated backrests; and showers with mood lighting and digital controls.

52% of homeowners said they use a mobile device in their bathroom, with this rising to 79% of respondent aged 25-34 years old

Unsurprisingly, white is the overwhelmingly popular colour choice for bathrooms: 37% chose white walls, 48% white worktops, and 49% white cabinets.  Grey is a popular second choice with 29% having grey walls, 14% grey cabinets, 12% worktops and a whopping 36% choosing grey flooring.

To help get the final look of the bathroom right, 18% of those surveyed worked with a bathroom designer – although 38% chose to employ a specialist bathroom installer.

The survey also revealed the features homeowners regretted most for not installing: 21% would have liked underfloor heating, 11% a sound system and 7% illuminated mirrors.

Bathrooms & Finance Options

It’s clear as homeowners increase expectations for their bathrooms, budgets will need to grow to meet them.  Having the ability to offer finance so customers can afford their dream makes sense – allowing designers to upsell higher-end features and to close the sale on the day!