Lobbying group calls for home improvement companies to help prevent ban on telesales

Call For Action On The TPS (CFAOTTPS), a campaign body formed to prevent the ban on telemarketing, has called on the home improvement sector to join with them.

The organisation intends to meet with government ministers and ICO to put forward alternatives to the opt-in only rule that’s expected to come into force following the new Digital Economy Act.

The introduction of opt-in will effectively ban companies from making sales calls to members of the public. This includes contacting existing and former customers where there isn’t specific prior permission to telephone them.

ICO has been instructed by the Government to draft new direct marketing and data practice guidelines, which will be put before ministers for consideration.

The new rules are intended to stop nuisance calls, which MPs say is the most common complaint they receive from constituents.

ICO has been directed to consult with all relevant representative bodies as part of its review and before making its recommendations.  CFAOTTPS believe this will be the only opportunity to influence decisions and intends to propose alternative regulation that will both protect the public and allow ethical companies to continue to make outbound calls.

CFAOTTPS belief is that most rogue calls are made by companies operating outside the UK or by UK firms that fold when challenged only to reopen later, and the proposed new rules are unlikely to stop them.  It is calling on all business sectors to work with them to protect public and commercial interests.