New research by the FSB found that over a third (33%) of small businesses have not yet started preparations for the new laws, whilst a third (35%) are only in the early stages of preparations that come in to effect on 25 May.

For those organisations that are starting to prepare, more than half (52%) said they will come to us, the ICO, for advice.

Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, said: “The report tells us that many small and medium sized organisations are preparing for the new data protection laws but some still have to make a start. The ICO’s website offers a number of ways in which organisations of all sizes, and all sectors, can self-serve to get the help they need. We will study the survey findings carefully to see if we can improve the help we offer.

“We also know that many representative bodies and sector associations are also providing excellent GDPR advice and support for their members.”



Watch a video of Elizabeth Denham talking about the changes, and read her blog on the FSB website.