Television and YouTube are a great way to create an engaging message for consumers and generate interest in your products and services – and by adding a simple finance message it can further encourage enquiries and footfall to showrooms. But because TV and video can create more ‘buzz’ than other mediums, it can also lead to a level of scrutiny that press adverts just wouldn’t receive. So getting it right and ensuring all the ‘boxes are ticked’ is particularly important.

If you’re thinking of creating a TV promotion or YouTube video, then CCS can provide you with guidance on how you can include strong finance message that works within the FCA’s CONC3 guidelines. It’s best to talk to us while you’re still in the development or scripting phase to help avoid any re-filming or additional post-production work.

TV adverts & the ClearCast process

All TV adverts have to be approved by ClearCast prior to being broadcast. This ‘approval’ can lead to a misconception that ClearCast is assuring an advert has been checked or is providing a guarantee that it complies with legislation. This is not the case. ClearCast’s primary role is to ensure broadcasters don’t air an advert that may get them into trouble – they are not there to protect your business’ interests.  You shouldn’t take ClearCast’s approval of an advert as an indication that an advert fully complies with legislation.

For more information about TV advertising, call Head Office on 0845 120 6666 or speak to your BD