Specialists in finance for hot-tubs

Since Blue Wave Spas teamed up with Consumer Credit Solutions (CCS) to offer credit finance to customers, sales have gone from strength to strength. In the last year the hot tub retailer has sold over £3 million in finance only sales. In uncertain economic times offering no hassle, soft sell finance means Blue Wave’s customers can buy what they want, when they want it, without having to sacrifice savings or negotiate with unwilling lenders such as banks and building societies.

Ross Phillipson of Blue Wave has seen the effect on sales. “We offer customers a number of finance packages through CCS including “Buy Now Pay Later”, as well as interest bearing or low interest rate deals. But by far the most popular is the interest free option. We decided to work with CCS because they could offer interest free credit at workable subsidies and it’s really paid off. At the time (October 2011) no other hot tub companies were offering interest free finance options so we became a ‘ground breaker’ in our industry.

We now offer credit / finance for hot-tubs online which has proved very popular. It appeals to customers who want to sort out finance in their own time and by themselves. It’s proved an effective sales tool as many customers know what they want and prefer to sort out finance without involving one of our salespeople. It’s increased sales and allowed us to continue reinventing and improving ourselves as a company.”