In the course of meetings with retailers, our Business Development Managers are often asked questions regarding the FCA.  A number of these questions crop up quite frequently, so we’ve summarised the answers below for your information.  If you have any additional queries, then please call your BDM or ring Head Office on 0845 120 6666.

Can I refer a customer from an unauthorised company to an authorised one?

There have been a few queries about whether an unauthorised company can refer a customer to an authorised sister company within their Group (in order for the customer to pay for their goods on finance).  Unfortunately this is not permissible and is a serious breach of the FCA regulations.  Any referral to another company, where the customer is offered a credit facility, means that the initial company is acting as a credit broker – and any business acting as a broker MUST be authorised.

Can I offer finance under different trading styles?

Yes, you can.  It’s not unusual for retailers to have more than one trading style and have multiple websites.  But if you want to promote finance under all your trading styles then you MUST ensure they are registered with the FCA.  Registering an additional trading style is simple to do and only takes a few minutes.  Go to for more information.

I still need to apply for my Full Authorisation, can you help?

Yes, we’ve just issued an updated guide to assist with the Online Application for Full Authorisation – this is available to all CCS clients.  Your Business Development Manager can provide you with a copy, and answer any queries you have.   If necessary, he can arrange a meeting to go through the document and online application form with you.