Consumer Credit Solutions (CCS), the leading credit broker to the home improvement market, has lowered its entry criteria for installers looking to offer consumer credit. The move is aimed at helping installers with turnovers of less than £1 million to grow and to reach the magic £1 million figure.

The traditional entry criteria previously stipulated was that a business should be trading for at least three years and be able to demonstrate at least a £1 million turnover. However, businesses which have been trading for shorter periods and with a less than £1 million turnover can now apply for CCS products including: low/no interest credit, ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’, Bank Buster and Mortgage Buster loans.

“The easiest way for a business to grow is to give your customers more options to do business with you,” explains CCS Managing Partner Andy Wallace. “One alternative is to spend more money and effort on marketing, advertising and chasing sales, which may be difficult in the current climate. For companies who go down this route, it’s worth noting that research shows that offering attractive credit helps to increase the impact and effectiveness of advertising.

“We are now interested in speaking to businesses which maybe haven’t been trading for three years or more, but which have healthy balance sheets and good reputations and may see our credit solutions as a way they can grow their businesses past the £1 million mark. We are more than happy to take a view on any business in the £500,000 to £1 million annual turnover bracket. We are also happy to consider companies trading less than 2 years if we believe there is potential.”

For more information on Consumer Credit Solutions contact the CCS Sales Support Team on 0845 120 6666