Condenseheat, the Stockport based central heating systems installer, specialises in energy-efficient domestic central heating systems specifically designed with fuel saving in mind. But often buying a new boiler is an emergency purchase, so it’s important customers can buy when they need to. Consumer Credit Solutions (CCS) allows Condenseheat to offer point of sale finance when it’s most needed. Alan Monk, Managing Director of Condenseheat, explains: “Although saving money on fuel bills is a major factor when customers are looking for a new boiler, we find it’s often an immediate installation that’s needed – when an old boiler breaks down the first thing people are looking for is an immediate replacement. The fact that our boilers will also save them money is a plus. But a breakdown means they are looking at a high value purchase, perhaps unplanned for, so we always offer finance.

“We use CCS to help us keep everything in house – without this many of our customers would have to source finance elsewhere. The most popular product we use is the unsecured interest bearing loan, as we can offset the cost and it gives our customers flexible terms. There’s no hard sell – it’s just another tool our sales people can use with confidence, and we know we can rely on CCS for training and back up. With their help our staff can help customers buy when they need to.”