Consumer Credit Solutions report confident start to 2016

by Andy Wallace

Andy WallaceEarlier this month we were able to report record finance sales once again. We managed lending volume of almost £250million to support home improvement purchases in 2015, which was the highest amount in our 16 year history.

Despite many forecast reports predicting there would be a downturn in the home improvement market, the downturn has not appeared (see Glass and Glazing report below). Indeed, there are signs that sales will continue to go well, and I can confidently state that there are strong indications that sales on finance are continuing to increase.

There has been an extremely positive start to 2016.  January was exceptional and the best month ever in our trading history, likewise February has seen equally impressive application numbers.  Indeed, many of you are telling us about the great start to the year, and how finance has been directly responsible for helping fuel your business growth.

On behalf of the CCS team, I’d like to offer our thanks for your continued support, which we value greatly and never take for granted.