From the 6th June all double-glazing domestic installation guarantees must have financial backing.

The change in the law has raised questions among many of our Glass & Glazing clients. Specifically, whether they need to provide a financial insurance-backed guarantee as customers already receive protection under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.  Section 75 states credit providers share responsibility with the retailer if things go wrong with a purchase. 

Unfortunately it’s not sufficient and it’s not adequate. Because the legislation specifically makes reference to ‘insurance’ this means an actual insurance policy has to be in place for every customer.

The change in legislation is supported by the Double Glazing and Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme (DGCOS) as it brings the law into line with its own policy of requiring members to issue every retail customer with an insurance-backed guarantee.

Richard Christie, CEO of the DGCOS, said, “Often where an IBG is offered it isn’t always taken up – in my experience very few consumers offered an IBG after installation do so.”  He added a word of warning, “All IBGs are not created equal – they can be confusing and full of get-out clauses.  Even so, compulsory protection is a step in the right direction. The new rules should help improve the reputation of the industry and protect consumers if things go wrong.”


You can read the full article in the June edition of Glass News  –>Glass News Website