Business is booming for Dunraven, the major fabricator of doors, windows and conservatories. Covering Wales and the South West, the company has seen an increase in business in the last four years. Even within the recession of the last two years sales are up by 30%, with Dunraven on target to achieve £30m in 2012. Matthew Brace, Retail Director of Dunraven Windows, says using Consumer Credit Solutions’ (CCS) soft sell, low interest credit finance has made a major contribution to this success.

“We started working with CCS around mid-2009” explains Matthew. “It’s had a big impact on our direct retail sales – we’ve sold between £7m and £9m on finance this year – and on our overall growth. We have always offered finance with our products but until we started working with CCS our sales force never really bought into it. Selling finance at high rates of interest didn’t sit comfortably with us so it was refreshing to deal with CCS. Their low interest or interest free products, ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ and flexible ‘Bankbuster’ loans are very different from the old high pressure, high interest finance our sales people had been used to. With excellent training and support from CCS our sales force is happy to offer credit finance – it’s a valuable service to our customers. Homeowners can now buy what we are selling, financed at better rates than the banks offer even when they agree to lend.”