Window installers offering soft sell credit finance to help customers buy have contributed to record sales at Consumer Credit Solutions (CCS).

Companies as diverse as Pennine Windows, Hammonds, Kutchenhaus, Jacuzzi and Envirosolar are reporting increased sales as homeowners look to improve their properties without dipping in to cash reserves, or borrowing from uncooperative traditional lenders such as banks and building societies.

Point-of-sale credit means consumers can have new, energy efficient windows, or a new kitchen or bathroom, without delay or compromising on quality. And sales at CCS reflect this trend, showing continuous progress in the year to date.

In May and June CCS has been approving around £1 million each day, record figures for the company. Andy Wallace, CCS Managing Partner, reports: “We’re on target to approve around £350m in loans in 2013, an increase of almost £100m on 2012, itself a record year.

“There is still a good market for quality home improvements when the homeowner has access to sensible finance. With ‘Buy Now Pay Later’, low interest or interest free finance on offer, retailers are finding it’s possible to help their customers buy what they want, when they want it.”