Liz Desk-PhoneMy day starts with a commute along the M65 and then down the A49 to our Head Office at Matrix Business Park.  It’s a busy office and from the moment we arrive, we’re all kept busy dealing with telephone calls and emails from clients.

A large part of my day is answering queries. From simple requests asking me to order stationery from our lenders, through to questions about satisfaction notes, insurance or completing credit application forms.  One client, who currently offers finance on Solar PV, requested an additional facility to include boilers and external wall insulation (EWI).

Providing support for our Business Development Managers is also a key part of my role. And because it’s a Monday, I ring round the BDMs to update their ‘call plans’. Call plans include a weekly schedule of all the appointments and meetings they will attend this week. The BDMs also let me know any interesting news from clients so I can update our Marketing and Communication Manager.

I don’t get to stop until lunchtime, when I offer to pick-up the team’s lunch from the local sandwich shop!  The afternoon is spent working on Management Information Reports for clients. The spreadsheets include the number of deals that have been accepted and the value, as well as the value of the deals paid out together with an acceptance rate.   The reports help clients to track their progress, compare the last 12 months data and ensure they’re meeting targets.

Reporting keeps me busy for a few hours and before I know it, it’s nearly six o’clock and it’s time to leave for the day.