A Day in the life of General Manager Colin Macpherson

I arrive at the office usually before 8.30 am and, first-things-first, I make a cup of coffee!

Today, I have a meeting with one of our major clients – to start the planning for their application for authorisation by the Financial Conduct Authority – so I check I have all the information I need and then it’s an hour’s drive to their head office.

The two hour meeting involves eight members of the senior management team.  Even though their ‘application period’ is still a few months away, they’re keen to get started. They aren’t underestimating the potential impact of the new regulations and know that planning to get everything right for their business and the customers is vital.

With this foresight, and the desire to ensure they’re treating customers fairly in an open and transparent way, it means they are well on track to succeed with their application.

By mid-afternoon I’m back in the office and immediately complete my actions from the meeting which means providing the client with copies of templates I’ve devised, including a Business Plan and Compliance Plan. The templates will not only help them complete their application in due but also save them time.

Then it’s coffee time again, and I offer to make a brew for everyone in the office but there are no takers…it must be the way I make it!

The remainder of the day involves checking and answering emails, making calls to new sales leads, an internal meetings planning discussions surrounding the implementation of our new Relationship Management System.