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Top Trends for Home Improvement in 2020

Houzz has released its top trend predictions for 2020 based on an analysis of their own data, including posted home design photos and search terms.

  1. Bright & Colourful Kitchens

It looks like the dominance of muted colours and monochrome may be coming to an end. Customers are increasingly choosing cheery shades including bright blues and purples. A popular search term has been ‘yellow kitchen’, while searches for ‘cream’ highlight the move away from traditional white.

  1. Sustainability

15% of home improvers stated that ‘integrating green materials’ was a priority when carrying out renovations and the word ‘eco’ was one of the most searched for terms in 2019. It appears that customers will focus on the eco and recyclable credentials of products when making purchases.

  1. Black Interiors

Searches for dark and black interiors became popular for the first time in 2019, and surprisingly this included searches for ‘black bathrooms’. Images of black painted walls, black metal screens and black slate are popular postings on the site.

  1. Bamboo

Unsurprisingly given the popularity of enviro-friendly products, bamboo is now trending.  It is appearing in flooring, furniture and even fabric designs.

  1. Green Interiors

Interior designers are calling ‘green’ the must have colour for 2020.  Searches for ‘green kitchens’ rose by 50% on 2018, and green bathrooms and bedrooms appeared on the Houzz popular list for the first time too.


Source: Houzz

January 24, 2020 - Home Improvement Industry

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