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New review of PVCu Fabrication Industry issued

Insight Data has issued its annual PVCu Fabrication review.  The review is based on their own market intelligence data and a survey of UK PVCu fabricators conducted in December 2019.

The number of companies fabricating PVCu has continued to decline – from 2370 fabricators in 2008 to 1267  last year (down  46.5%).  A ‘worst case’ scenario projection estimates that by 2024 only 773 PVCu fabricators may remain.  However, should things improve by 2024, then it’s estimated 1,103 fabricators will be still be trading in the UK.

It’s not just the smaller businesses that are closing,  8.5% of larger fabricators have shut their factory doors or reduced their frame per week output since 2017.

Despite this, the core industry remains strong. As of 2019, 23% of PVCu fabricators have adopted aluminium into their portfolios. Aluminium continues its surge into the domestic market with high-end products such as bi-fold doors and sliding doors. Vertical sliders and flush casements are also popular alongside recent developments in colours and foils.

In addition, 46% of respondents said they had increased fabrication volumes in 2019, albeit on a small scale.

65% of the products being fabricated are going into replacement projects rather than new builds.

The replacement market is still strong, and with Government targets for over 300,000 new builds by 2020, there is also opportunity to work within the new build sector.

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January 7, 2020 - Home Improvement Industry

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