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Buy Now Pay Later

Home Improvement Finance: Buy Now Pay Later

Buy Now Pay Later is extremely popular. It means customers can buy products and then defer repayment for a specified number of months. It provides a great sales message for marketing promotions and it’s a very attractive option for customers – especially those would prefer to leave their savings in the bank. It also appeals to people with short-term financial obligations that might otherwise have delayed their buying decisions.

Customers have the choice to settle the loan within the deferred period and pay no interest or continue onto their repayment plan.

How it works for your customers

How it works for you

You will need to hold FCA authorisation in order to offer credit and your business will also need to meet the minimum accreditation criteria stipulated by our lenders. Once approved you will be assigned a dedicated Business Development Manager who will work closely with you to develop a credit strategy tailored to your business. We’ll also provide, as standard,  comprehensive training and an ongoing support programme for you and your sales team.

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